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Cultivating your child’s creativity is an indispensable benefit for their future. Other benefits include – creative problem solving, language acquisition, emotional intelligence, discipline, sharpened memory, stress relief, and of course, the satisfaction of playing music.

Check this Ted-Ed presentation about the neural benefits of learning music –

Internet connection
The instrument – *This is NOT necessary for the trial lesson. While in the consult lesson, the teacher will have the opportunity to address the right instrument for the child.
We ask for students of ages 8 and under to be accompanied by an adult to aid the child in the lesson. Music experience isn’t required by the adult, but this is a necessary component of lessons for younger students.

Technical requirements for lessons:
Webcam – While most computers have an acceptable quality for video chats, another viable option could be to use a smartphone, whose quality can compete with many professional cameras. Here’s an article about setting it up – https://www.wired.com/story/use-your-phone-as-webcam/
Microphone – Again, the quality of internal computer microphones is constantly improving, but they can’t compete with an external mic. Your teacher will need to clearly hear what’s being played in order to help assess the student’s playing. There are an assortment of USB microphones which don’t require an audio interface that would improve lesson quality (like the Blue Snowball USB mic, for example) – just in case your computer might be outdated, or have a poor quality microphone. But, while it may improve the quality, it’s not required to start lessons!

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