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Professional & Experienced Instructors
Browse teachers and find the perfect match to help you achieve your goals.
Get Personalized lessons that suit your schedule and budget.
KOSM Delivers A Musical Experience.

KOSM Delivers A Musical Experience.

We offer more than just music lessons. Our instructors represent dozens of cultures, instrument specialties, and musical traditions, and each is certified and formally trained. Lessons can be flexibly scheduled directly on KOSM’s platform, and students are encouraged to leave reviews of their instructors.

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“I decided to enroll my son in bass lessons at KOSM. I was surprised with the quality and commitment from his teachers. In each session, my son leaves content, and shares his experiences he’s had with his friends from school”

Rafael González, Parent
David Martin

“My son loves the arts. After his classes with KOSM he’s just glowing. He’s taking piano, and is always surprising us at dinner, telling us what new thing he learned with his teacher, discovering many cultures and new rhythms.”

David Martin, Parent
Nuria Alonso

“My daughter was looking to practice her English. I found KOSM and told her she should try it, that at the same time she’d be learning a musical instrument. She tried out guitar and it’s going great. Not only is she practicing and applying the language but also tells us about her discoveries in each class session.”

Nuria Alonso, Student
Isabel Martinez

“Ever since my daugher started classes at KOSM, I’ve noticed a change in her behavior for the better. She’s been more active, energetic, attentive. She chose guitar lessons.”

Isabel Martinez, Student
Bárbara Iñesta

“We’ve got a drumset at home that my oldest left when he left for grad school. I saw KOSM and told our youngest to try it. The teacher we found is super nice, very professional and has a lot of experience. It’s been 5 sessions and already we’re both very pleased with the experience. Super recommended.”

Bárbara Iñesta, Student

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